Legend of the Leviathan

Session 17: The Gauntlet

"More traps?"

"What if Dr. Pilgrim just gets on my back and I walk down the ramp?" – Ben, before Dr. Pilgrim was sliced in half while riding Spider-Ben.

When we last left the party…


The party had ventured into a dwarf dig site in search of the tomb of Uthuk Urkrypt, the High Shaman of the Scarlet Scourge Orog clan who had supposedly access to reincarnation magic. They searched the tomb because a companion of theirs, an Orog from the same clan whom they had rescued, earlier, told them about this magic, where they could possibly reincarnate their recently-deceased companion. However, when they had first arrived at the above-ground location of the tomb, it was beset by a dwarven mining expedition. There they met the brother of Thaldrak – Ben – who had been searching for Thaldrak, following a druidic vision which had led him to work in the mine. They also met the leader of the dwarven expedition, a gnome archeologist named Dr. Pilgrim. They ate with the man, after first hiding their Orog companion, Drothaak (fearing the dwarves would attack him or them while in the companionship of such a being), and in Dr. Pilgrim's office they met a dragon made of paper, named Vessuvithaxx, and learned that Dr. Pilgrim had sought the same mine as them. He sought it for a different reason, though; he believed that the bodies of the shaman were buried with an ancient map that led to one of the five sets of the Nether Scrolls, ancient written artifacts written on literal golden paper. The party and Dr. Pilgrim came to an agreement where the party would make the mine safer and in exchange, Dr. Pilgrim would let them look around. However, the next morning, when they set out in search of Earth Elementals guarding the lower level of the mine, Siras had discovered a false wall. This led them down a two-day journey into the bowels of the Northern Sword Mountains, along which they met a giant named Fribog, who could absorb objects, was traveling to Shanatar and sought to "awaken the sleeper". Eventually, they reached the tomb, but alas, they were too late! The traps had already been triggered; someone had been there, first. They followed a hysterical Dr. Pilgrim to the center of the maze, moving alongside a stream of triggered traps, eventually coming before four open sarcophagi, two piles of bones and a massive stone statue of Baphomet – a goat-headed, shirtless humanoid with two fingers raised to the ceiling. The statue spoke to Thaldrak, and requested him to find those who desecrated the tomb, and said that in exchange for reincarnation, Thaldrak had to kill Dr. Pilgrim. The dwarf refused, and as he did so, the altar's voice faded from his mind, echoing in laughter as the party heard numerous "clickclickclick…" – The traps had reset! 


In Brevitis: 

  • The party rested overnight in the center of the maze. Dr. Pilgrim was remarkably upset, and Kay asked him again about the Sleeper. Dr. Pilgrim said that it was a massive creature sleeping beneath the Anauroch Desert, a "walking apocalypse" that had only wrought havoc upon Faerun once in history, thousands of years ago, before returning to it's lair beneath the continent to sleep. Dr. Pilgrim said that a party of adventurer's had acquired a piece of the beast's pancreas for Karsus to cast his 10th level spell, which destroyed The Weave for long enough to end the civilization of the Netheril.
  • During their rest, Siras contacted Lady Silverhand, informing her about the potential theft of the map to the set of Nether Scrolls from the tomb of Uthuk Urkrypt, if it ever existed there, at all. 
  • In the morning, they set out through the maze, aiming to escape out the direction they entered. Thaldrak, Arentian and Zanzibar were all rather unresponsive after sleeping in front of the altar, and only responded compliantly to commands. 
  • Ben threw a bone onto the stairs, causing them to drop into a ramp with many thin, needle-like spikes protruding upward, dangerously. He shifted into a spider and the group decided to get Dr. Pilgrim down, first, instructing the man to mount spider-ben and ride to the bottom. 
  • At the bottom, a blade swung out from the side wall, slicing down the back of spiderben and splitting Dr. Pilgrim in two before slamming into the wall opposite, embedding deep into the stone beside a second similar gash. Dr. Pilgrim was dead. Very dead. 
  • The party made their way through the maze, doing their best to avoid the traps. One magical rune triggered, though, causing Arentian's eyes to start leaking this thick, bluish goop. Siras identified it as the Blight of Blindness, an illness afflicted by the dust used to make runes for certain kinds of frost magics, which results in progressively worsening sight until eventually total blindness sets in. (Curable with Restoration)
  • Once halfway, they approached a room with an Orog ghost. The ghost asked them four questions, to which they could answer two, and two ghosts attacked the party. They easily dispatched the things, but afterward, Thaldrak, Zanzibar and Arentian were still whipped up into a frenzy, attacking spiderben. The others calmed the trio and broke up the fight, and they continued on in the maze. 
  • Eventually, thanks to sharp eyes and quick feet, they made it out of the maze, alive… but not without their wounds. Two of the final traps were laced with some kind of poisonous liquid that infected Kay with an illness they later identified as Willem's Weakness, which made the victim progressively less healthy over time for a few days before stabilizing. (Curable with Restoration)
  • After their rest that night, the compliant, zombie-like mental states of Thaldrak and Arentian ceased, though Zanzibar continued to be sluggish and socially absent. 


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